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When a loved one passes away cleaning out a lifetime of treasures can be emotionally and physically difficult.   If you are responsible for settling an estate, we invite you to consult with us to assist with holding an on-site estate sale. Estate liquidation is also a useful option when moving or downsizing.  We have the experience and expertise to mazimize attendance and interest to bring a higher value for the items sold as well as sparing you the struggle of sifting through a lifetime of possessions.
We begin by consulting with you and reviewing the contents of the home.  Remember, never throw anything away!  What you might consider trash usually has a value to someone.  A successful estate sale is based on volume.  While there may be a few larger ticket items, we have found overall success is the volume of items sold at the end of the day.  Most sales are held over a weekend, one to three days.
 Estate Sale services include:
        *   Arranging, cleaning and set-up, pricing of contents of home.
        *   Advertising - local papers, on line, through social media networks and our
              extensive client base.
        *   Appraisers when necessary for antiques, jewelry, gold and coins.
We can also sell vehicles, boats and larger ticket items.  We work with professionals, our reputation is paramount to our success and referrals are important to us.  We work on a 35%  commission for our services.  There is no cost to you to begin the sale.  We only require proof of insurance and probate authority  for estates.
Also Included:
          *   We handle everything and deduct for services at the close of the Estate Sale.
          *    End of sale tidy up.
          *    Settle out within 3 business days.
We can also arrange for a final broom clean, clean-out.  These services are charged outside of the Estate Sale commission.  On occasion, we do buy estates that simply don't warrant an on-site sale or can arrange for a clean-out.  We also offer down sizing services at a reasonable hourly rate.

What you need to know:

           *  You must have probate approval to hire us to sell the personal property for an                                estate.  All personal property disbursements to family must be made prior to  
                our arrival.

           *   In cases of divorce settlement, both parties must be present and agree to the 
                 terms set forth in our contract.

           *    All items presented for sale at the time of contract must be available for sale.
We are full service and  licensed to list the real property for you as well however, we work cooperatively with other local real estate agents who may have a probate listing that requires our services on a referral basis.  Estate sale attendees usually express interest in the home therefore marketing the home during the estate sale process is great timing.  If you are a real estate agent, attorney, executrix or executor please contact us with any questions you might have.  (860)916-5959.
There are only so many weekends in the year!  We book up early from March to October! (860)916-5959.
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